GIVEAWAY Pilots Friend Fruit Tonic (Review)

#sponsored (I was sent the drinks for free)

The first ever giveaway on my channel! The boxes Pilots Friend Canada sent me was so pretty they almost looked like gift sets, so that gave me the idea of doing a giveaway for the one I wouldn’t need for the review.

Pilots Friend Fruit Tonic is a bitter tonic from Austria produced in Italy. Its ingredients include apple juice, cane sugar, black carrot juice, chokeberry juice, lemon juice, acerola extract, kola nut extract, great yellow gentian extract, quinine extract, orange extract, ginger extract, guarana extract, and cardamom extract. Quite an ingredient list, all natural, vegan, organic and GMO-free.

Originally made for active duty jet pilots, could this be the optimal Energy Drink?

Note: Giveaway is now closed.

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