About Caffeine Addict

Join me on the journey to find the best energy drink in the world!

This is the official webpage of my Youtube channel CaffeineAddictTV started May 30, 2016.

My goal is simple, find the best energy drinks out there and share them with the world. Through this website I hope to be able to interact more with my followers, and let them be able to rate energy drinks with me, by accessing the official rankings any time.

Red Bull, Monster Energy and Rockstar but also more unknown energy drinks and caffeine products is up for review. Caffeine powder, caffeine pills, caffeine water and who knows what else.

I also want to address some of the myths surrounding energy drinks, caffeine, taurine, niacin and health risks. People are scared of what they don’t know enough about, so let’s learn together.

Hope to see you back soon, and subscribe to my Youtube channel HERE


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